Roblox raises $150M Series G, led by Andreessen Horowitz ...

Bitcoin has surpassed a significant technical milestone that saw rewards for mining activity halved for the third time in the cryptocurrency’s 11-year history. Occurring roughly every four years, a so-called halving (or halvening) event cuts the reward for successfully validating a new “block” in half. The latest halving saw compensation fall from 12.5 to 6.25 bitcoin – or from roughly ... After receiving first-time corporate credit ratings of B1 and B+ from Moody’s and S&P last month, Concord announced today that it has closed on a $600 million term loan B debt offering which, in addition to its existing $450 million revolving credit facility, provides the company with access to... Andreessen Horowitz isn’t alone in leaving behind VC as we know it — and more company is coming This morning, Forbes wrote a lengthy profile of Andreessen Horowitz, the now 10-year-old venture firm that its rivals love to hate but nevertheless tend to copy. It’s a great read that revisits some of the firm’s wins and losses and, interestingly, regrets, including the founders’ early ... Marc Andreessen Andreessen Horowitz Co-Founder & General Partner Marc Andreessen was a major player in the Silicon Valley VC market long before embracing Bitcoin and blockchain in 2013. A billionaire who made his first fortune during the 1990’s Internet bubble, in the mid-90s he switched to venture capital, eventually co-founding Andreessen Horowitz, which invested in Facebook and Twitter ... The investment was led by Andreessen Horowitz with participation from existing backers Trinity Ventures and Core Innovation Capital . Synapse […] An anonymous hentai porn site exposed over a million users’ emails A popular hentai porn site that promises anonymity to its 1.1 million users left a user database exposed without a password, allowing anyone to identify users by their email ... The Pulse of the Internet

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